Nicknamed "Medicine Girl" for her narcotically minded writing, Carolyn Rodriguez is a street-smart singer and rapper who naturally fit into the Houston rap scene despite being raised in North Carolina and Arkansas. After she graduated from high school, Rodriguez relocated to Huntsville, Texas to attend Sam Houston State (from where she would graduate with an accounting degree).


She caught the attention of Dope House affiliate Jaime "Pain" Ortiz, who recorded a first demo that led to work with Juan Gotti and South Park Mexican, among several other Texas-based artists. A productive solo career began with the independently released albums Castellana (2007), Medicine Girl (2009), and Betty Crocker (2011), a period during which she also made a full-length with Gotti. Further studio work resulted in several additional albums and mixtapes, highlighted by Fuck What They Think (2014) and FWTT, Pt. 2 (2016).


At some point, Rodriguez left the Lone Star State for Los Angeles, but she continued to record with members of her Southwest family, as heard on the Gotti and Paul Wall collaboration "Houston" (2017). In 2019, Rodriguez released the single "Homicide," featuring fellow DHR signee Justin Case.