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Fresh out of Huntsville Tx. their name is F.T.R, which consists of two group members whom are brothers being T-Bone and Mero Wero. Taking their influences at a young age from all genres of music. F.T.R was eager to start learning how to become succesful artists. Once they honed their skills they began to realize that they wanted to explore the limelight and learn to rap. Listening to N.W.A, 2Pac, Notorious Big, Jay-Z, UGK,8Ball& MJG, And the S.U.C they began to develop their own flow and emulate their style. Gaining their own street knowledge and a better grasp of the game, F.T.R was able to further develop their own distinctive sound. Being of Mexican decent, fluent in english and spanish, F.T.R's delivery is a combination of flamboyance, rock solid lyrics while keeping it true to the streets. F.T.R's love for their hometown and the state of Texas with the spice of Latinos have a great unique sound and edge.It wasn't long before F.T.R caught the attention of people in Texas and knew they needed to make their own mark. While signed to different labels F.T.R was exposed to the industry and saw the way it worked and decided to embark on their own and started F.T.R Entertainment. They put out a series of mixtapes which have included collaborations with Big Pokey, Mr. 3-2, Lil Randy all of the S.U.C, numerous tracks with Lucky Luciano, J-Kapone, Ace Deuce and many more. F.T.R has also showcased their skills with the likes of UGK, S.U.C, SPM & The Dope House Family, Lil Flip, Z-RO and have turned out performances with the best in Texas. With a new vision in mind F.T.R has got it all-stunning lyrics, well composed songwriting that combines East, West, and Southern Hip-Hop cultures. Hauntingly airy production textures and underated, undaunted vocal styles that have been described as " a disarming mixture of hard-spoken raw talent and ambition. " F.T.R is definitely one to watch.