Some may say industry newcomer Justin Case embodies the best of both worlds. Cultivating a deep love for music from an early age, the Texas native was blessed with  the gift of song as well as the ability to craft lyrics that resonate with music lovers on a higher level. Born into a musical family, his father was already a legend in the Tejano scene long before Justin decided to follow in his footsteps and also purse a career as an artist.

At age five, while most children were learning the alphabet, he was practicing the accordion; by the time the average kid was learning to read, Justin was singing some of the most popular records on radio.

But it was an unexpected clip that took Justin Case from aspiring vocalist to viral sensation. In 2018, Justin posted a video of himself on Facebook. In it, he sings a song called “Up There,” a touching ode to his city, loved ones and supporters near and far.

The short video quickly took off, amassing millions of views and securing him as an artist to watch.

With success on his mind, rhymes in his pad and God in his heart, Justin isn’t letting the success of “Up There” slow him in down. In addition to a song alongside Bushwick Bill of the legendary Geto Boyz, Justin is set to appear on the forthcoming The World is Yours mixtape and already has a follow-up single, titled “Ain’t Nothing,” in the works.