Pablo Time Nuñez was born in Bellflower CA, and raised in Monterey Park CA. It's located only a few cities away from the "glitz & glam" Hollywood.

As a young boy, Pablo loved the film industry and always dreamed of becoming an Actor.

In elementary school, he produce and directed his own skate movies with himself as the principle skater. By the time he was a freshman in high school, he was able to have his skater movies aired by local TV Stations.

As time went on, Pablo became an entrepreneur. He gained success in Promotions/Event planning, Sales & Marketing and had "leaps & bounds" in the Real Estate Industry. At the age of 20, Pablo Time Nuñez was a successful Real Estate Prodigy, averaging $20K a month, with his most successful month being well over $60K.

Pablo Time Nuñez has always been a big dreamer and goal setter, he learned early on, that money didn't bring happiness if you weren't doing what you loved.

In January of 2011 at the age of 27, Pablo Time Nuñez decided to go back to what he loved and followed his dream to become an actor. Pablo now plays the role of SPM in the upcoming movie of Carlos Coy.