Displaying a passion for rhymes at an early age, Houston, Texas native Shay Woods has been polishing his game for quite some time, as he prepares to release a slew of new music in 2109 via Dope House Records.

“Music has always been my own source of therapy since I was around 8..” Woods explains. “ I learned to play guitar at around 10, and have been writing for years..”

In addition to hard-hitting street tales and striking visuals, as witnessed in the official video for his latest single, “Butterflies,” Shay Woods delivers true-to-life lyricism with a work ethic rivaled by most mainstream performers. And unlike your current trendy rap artist, Woods spits with a purpose, whether on the solo tip or as part of a hip hop collective. “I do it for the people who feel like they're stuck and can't get out of their situation.” He said. “I’m influenced by the everyday agony I see my family and my people go through. The trenches that my peers are stuck in and the people that are locked in a cage.. missing their families.”

As Shay Woods is preparing for his moment, fully aware that the world is watching. In an era where talent comes and goes faster than you can click refresh on the biggest social media site, fans of quality street music can breathe easy: A new challenger has arrived.